Conservation Detection Canines

Morekos have a reputation for the training, handling and supplying dogs for conservation scent detection work. However we can tailor a training plan or supply dogs for other odours and purposes outside of conservation.

Morekos Dasyurus AI "Ada" is certified with the Canine Detection Certification Council as a conservation detection canine. She is currently trained on Spotted Quoll scat & Koala, however she is able to be transitioned onto other target odours as requested.

Our English Springer Spaniels are currently undergoing training. Maia will be utilised for an endangered plant species detection; while Baby Tom is already trained on Koala, feral species such as cats and foxes, plus Truffle detection. Once ready for the field our dog & handler teams will be available for hire.

Detection dogs play a pivotal role in assisting in research work with ecologists, zoologists, conservationists, universities and government department. A certified detection dog is trained to effectively locate a target odour whilst remaining under complete control of handler; greatly reducing and eliminating the risk that an insufficiently trained dog could pose to native species (including those they have been "hired" to protect). By utilising a CERTIFIED dog we expect to SAVE:

  • Time - a dog can remain focused for longer and are more efficient at covering more ground
  • Resources - one dog can work more efficiently than many people
  • Money - which can then be used in other areas of conservation work 

We are happy to discuss with interested organisations the use of one of our dog and handler teams; as well as training dog and handler teams for organisations that wish to have their own scent detection dogs.