Michelle provides dog training house calls across Sydney

Morekos can also accommodate in-house training. Your dog will receive daily training while staying in our 'home style' luxury kennel.

Morekos Dog Training services are tailored to address your specific needs.

  • Pet dogs/obedience training
  • Behaviour modification
  • Specific training for 'working dog' applications

Michelle is skilled in many different training styles and can find the most humane solution for each individual situation. Our preferred method for gaining the best from your dog utilizes Positive reinforcement, your dog will be rewarded for desired behaviour and negative punishment, the reward will be withheld for unwanted responses. We avoid using methods that use fear, pain or discomfort to achieve a result and find the implication of such training may lead to confusion and anxiety that can create problematic behaviour in the long term.

Pet dog owners:

If your dog needs everyday manners or more complex behaviour modification we can provide the right advice and training solutions.

Some of the many skills we can help with are:

  • Basic obedience, sit, drop, stay, recall (come when called)
  • Trick training – shake, roll over, play dead, targeting, etc.
  • Pulling on lead – learning to ‘Heel’
  • Inappropriate jumping
  • Rehabilitating ‘rescue dogs’
  • Aggression issues and anti social behaviour
  • Anxiety issues
  • Toilet Training
  • Introducing Babies & Children to Dogs
  • Barking and excessive noise
  • Puppy Biting & Nipping
  • Help for the New Puppy Owner
  • Digging, scratching and destruction
  • Crate Training
  • Help you enjoy a quality relationship with your dog

Local Councils:
Michelle has investigated over 200 dog attacks and many more animal related complaints while working as a Local Government Officer. This has expanded on her already extensive experience working with dogs that require specialist training for serious behavioural problems including dogs who's behaviour is leading to the issuing of nuisance, menacing & dangerous dog orders. Tailored behavioural training plans can be designed and undertaken for the owners of such dogs, referrals are welcomed. 

Detector Dog Operations:
Dogs can be supplied and/or trained for a specific odour requiring detection. Contact Morekos to discuss your requirements or obtain quotes.

Qualifications include

Federal Government Certified Detector Dog Handler

TAFE NSW - Statement of Attainment in Dog Training

TAFE NSW - Veterinary Nursing Cert IV

Security Services & Management  Cert III - electives in dog handling


Currently a Dept Agriculture Detector Dog Handler (Federal Government)

10 years working role as an RSPCA veterinary nurse and animal behavioural consultant

Guide Dogs NSW

Australian Federal Quarantine

Local Government Council - Companion animal enforcement officer (investigated over 200 dog attacks)

Security Dog Handler

Personal training achievements with my own dogs 

ANKC obedience titles

ANKC endurance titles

ANKC lure coursing titles

operational security dog

operational drug detector dog

frequently called upon to provide dogs and birds for T.V, film and media work