A Litter

SIre : Raennik Erix, AZ

Dam : Neut Ch. Beychief Hoop La, AZ class 1, C.D, E.T, H.I.C

4 male and 3 female puppies naturally born on the 14/AUG/2012.

Morekos Arminius, Aero, Gustav, Max, Allie, Razzle Dazzle and Ajo.

Pick Female of the litter 'Razzle' has been kept and is competing in competition dog sports, she is also training as a drug detector dog.

This litter produced well constructed solid pups with great working temperaments. Feedback is very promising.

Congratulations to Morekos Razzle Dazzle, Morekos Gustav and Morekos Max upon gaining the GSDCA AZ certificate for sound hip and elbow scores.

Morekos Razzle Dazzle is also - clear/negative for DM, MDR1 and breed surveyed.

B Litter

Sire: Monsimbee Kaleb, AZ

Dam: Neut Ch. Beychief Hoop La, AZ. CD. ET. HIC

4 female puppies naturally born on 07/SEPT/2013

Morekos Bejewelled, Bounty Hunter, Bites Back and Beautiful Kally

Morekos Bejewelled, our first Long Stock coat, has been placed in a 'show home' and now enjoys a successful career, having multiple wins and BOB's with her loving family.

Morekos Beautiful Kally has been recruited by the young Diggers Charity and is training to be an assistance dog for a soldier with PTSD. 

Eko's second litter have grown to be substantial and solid dogs with sound, exemplary natures.

Congratulations to Morekos Bejewelled upon gaining your Champioship title, GSDCA AZ certificate for sound hip and elbow scores, Breed surveyed and clear of DM & MDR1.

C Litter

Sire: Vondenaero Cornelius

Dam: Morekos Razzle Dazzle AZ BSC2 CD ET  

2 Male and 2 Female puppies naturally born on the 17/MAY/2015

Morekos Cornelius Jr, Chester, Charly & Cannonball Kira.

Morekos Charly is currently placed in a loving family on breeders terms, we will keep a close eye on her progress and hope she will make a wonderful contribution to our lineage

Congratulations to Morekos Charly on gaining the AZ stamp for hips & elbows

D Litter

sire: V Danger von Juliet IPO III 2013/15 NATIONAL CHAMPION & UNIVERSAL SIEGER(GSDCA-WDA) Kkl 1   

dam: Morekos Razzle Dazzle AZ BSC2 CD ET JC (HIC)

1 Female puppy born by c-section on 25/OCT/2016

Morekos Dasyurus (AI)

Our special little girl known as 'Ada' is now a Certified conservation detection dog looking for Quoll & Koala scats. We hope to also progress the Morekos gene pool by having her as part of the breeding program when she has a break from saving the Australia's native Fauna.

Congratulations Ada on gaining the AZ stamp for sound hips & elbows through the GSDCA.

E Litter

Sire: Bruno Vom Wallensener Hof KkL1 BH AD IPO2 (IMP DEU)

Dam: Morekos Razzle Dazzle AZ BSC2 CD ET JC

1 male & 4 female pups naturally born on 02/OCT/2017

Morekos Esquire Harvey, Eclipse, Eko, Ebony & Epic Peggy (AI)

Morekos Eclipse will be remaining as part of our future breeding program and will be raised, trained and compete in dogs sports with close friends of Morekos. Her siblings will also be joining her in the competition scene with their new families too, we look forward to what the future holds for these promising pups.

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