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Planned and upcoming Morekos German Shepherd litters
(see other page for Springer Spaniels)

MOREKOS German Shepherd Puppies make active, well adjusted, companions as well as being suitable for 'Working roles' in detection and law enforcement. There will be pups suitable for those interested in obedience, tracking, endurance, lure coursing, sheep herding, IPO, nose works and similar dog sports. 

Morekos dogs are bred to work and those after a sports competitor, police and corrections will be given priority due to the need for specific traits, high drives/focus etc. Therefore it may not be possible (or advisable) to pick a 'pet' puppy until temperaments can be assessed. 

ALL breeding dogs are proven in the fields that the litters are advertised for. 

If a Morekos litter talk's-the-talk, the parents have proven they can walk-the-walk.

All our pups come: Microchiped, vaccinated and vet checked. Started on worming, heartworm, flea & tick prevention. Fitted with an Adaptil collar and provided a puppy pack including: Pedigree, info folder, bag of puppy food, collar, lead, ID tag, blanket with mothers smell, toys,  6 weeks pet insurance

Pups are raised in a clean home environment, exposed to everyday life events are regularly handled including Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), correctly exposed to sounds, sights and tactile environmental conditions appropriate for age specific socialization. We build hunt & prey drives and initiate crate training, sleeping pups individually by 8 weeks of age, preparing them for separation from the litter and building confidence when required to be alone. 

Our next litter for 2021

Please contact us to be placed on the waiting list and kept up to date with future litters. Often our Pups are spoken for well before birth, due to our ethical reputation. 

These litters will be highly suited to those after a competition dog and/or service work.

There are a number of names already on the waiting list for both sports, working and companion homes. If you are genuinely interested in a puppy from one of our litters please inquire early to avoid missing out. 

Morekos L litter - Born  3rd September 2021 - ALL ARE SPOKEN FOR


*Morekos Firey Tolly AZ

SG * Bourbon Havlovický čert IPO1 (CZE)

This litter is suitable for Police / corrections / working roles / Dog sports ANKC

Companion homes may only be selected after temperaments are assessed, we will accept application but will be prioritising placing these pups in working and competition homes, they are not suitable for those inexperienced with high energy working dogs.

7 healthy puppies born 3rd September 2021.
3 sable males - all are reserved
1 black female, 3 sable females - all are reserved

There are no puppies currently available

L litter:   No pups will be affected by Degenerative myelopathy (DM) in this litter as both parents are tested.  
There will be NO long coats

Example pedigree:  Click here 
Dam info: Tolly (see breeding females for more info)

This will be Tolly's first litter and we expect strong boned, darkly pigmented pups from this pairing. Tolly is a very active and on the go dog, her intelligence and high drives make her very easy to train but her enthusiasm would be too much for the inexperienced handler. She works well for both food and toys, never tiring in games of fetch or tug. Despite little in the way of bite development, Tolly consistently takes a full mouth bite and fights hard to take possession, while remaining calm. She releases on command.

Tolly carries the bloodlines of:
T Ch. Vonforell Sagus CD 
T Ch. Vonforell Quire CD
Fax Vom Grenzgänger  Schh3
Kuran van Tiekerhook  IPO1
Morekos Dasyurus (AI) RN certified Detection Dog
*Morekos Razzle Dazzle CD ET JC WPD
V*Danger von Juliet IOP3
WPO Ch. Stormfront's Brawnson Schh3 SWAT K9 Duel Purpose Police dog

Sire info: 
Bourbon Havlovický čert (see German Shepherd Stud Dogs for more info)

Bourbon boasts a highly credentialed pedigree, his mother line is from the Czech Border Police kennels and his sire from the well known Anrebri Kennel, being a son of Pike Del Lupo Nero. He is a stunning, strong boned, masculine male with deeply pigmented and richly coloured black sable colouring. Impressive and intimidating to view, yet remains social and good natured. We expect sound working temperaments and solid, thick frames without being "oversize" from Bourbon's progeny. 

Bourbon carries the bloodlines of:

V Pike Del Lupo Nero IPO3

V Frankie Anrebri IPO3 ZPS1, FH1, FPR1, ZVV1

SG Grim Z Pohranicni Straze ZVV3, IPO3, ZPS1, ZM, FH1

Wincek od Policie Ceske Republiky ZVV1- Czech POLICE DOG

SG Larry ze Stribrneho Kamene IPO3

SG Baltazar Galan CS IPO3, ZPO1 ZVV1

Here at Morekos we are very fortunate to have both these dogs in our breeding program and are looking forward to this much anticipated pairing. Both Tolly and Bourbon are available to view in Sydney.  

Watch this space for updates and litter progress

We have no more planned litters for 2021. Plans for 2022 coming soon.