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Planned and upcoming Morekos German Shepherd litters
(see other page for Springer Spaniels)

MOREKOS German Shepherd Puppies make active, well adjusted, companions as well as being suitable for 'Working roles' in detection and law enforcement. There will also be pups suitable for those interested in obedience, tracking, endurance, lure coursing, sheep herding, IPO, nose works and similar dog sports. 

Morekos dogs are bred to work and those after a sports competitor, police and corrections will be given priority due to the need for specific traits, high drives/focus etc. Therefore it may not be possible (or advisable) to pick a 'pet' puppy until temperaments can be assessed. 

ALL breeding dogs are proven in the fields that the litters are advertised for. 

If a Morekos litter talk's-the-talk, the parents have proven they can walk-the-walk.

All our pups come: Microchiped, vaccinated and vet checked. Started on worming, heartworm, flea & tick prevention. Fitted with an Adaptil collar and provided a puppy pack including: Pedigree, info folder, collar, lead, ID tag, blanket with mothers smell, toys,  6 weeks pet insurance

Pups are raised in a clean home environment, exposed to everyday life events are regularly handled including Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), correctly exposed to sounds, sights and tactile environmental conditions appropriate for age specific socialization. We build hunt & prey drives and initiate crate training, sleeping pups individually by 8 weeks of age, preparing them for separation from the litter and building confidence when required to be alone. 

Our next litter for 2018

Please contact us to be placed on the waiting list and kept up to date with future litters. Often our Pups are spoken for well before birth, due to our ethical reputation. 

These litters will be highly suited to those after a competition dog and/or service work.

There are a number of names already on the waiting list for both sports, working and companion homes. If you are genuinely interested in a puppy from one of our litters please inquire early to avoid missing out. 

I litter - Born 27.09.19 

Morekos Charly AZ DM clear


Vonforell Jano AZ DM clear. 
Narcotic detection dog & TV star.

We have 6 FEMALE puppies born on 27.09.19. All are short haired. Colours are dark sable and bi-colour (black with tan markings).

Now accepting applications of interest for this litter.

I litter:   No pups will be affected by Degenerative myelopathy (DM) in this litter as both parents are clear.  
Dam info:
Morekos Charly  Hips 1/1  Elbows 0/0 DM clear
Known commonly as Charly, Morekos Charly is from the C litter and was retained for our breeding program on breeders terms, specifically to produce this litter. Charly is from Morekos Razzle Dazzle CD ET JC WPD (more info under our dogs) who has been a phenomenal dog and excellent producer for our kennel. Charly lives as family dog and is social and sound, she has an impressive structure and is physically strong with powerful movement, she is a stunning dog to look at and turns heads wherever she goes. Morekos will be retaining a puppy from this litter to better the future of our kennel.

Sire info G litter: 
Vonforell Jano Hips 1/1 elbows 0/0 DM clear (working narcotic detection dog)
Commonly known as Django, Vonforell Jano is a substantial, impressive dog both in looks and temperament. We have previously used him over Charly's mother (razzle) and produced a wonderful litter offering stable temperaments, solid bone structure, excellent pigmentation and colour, we are very happy with the progress the last litter are making, so Django was the stand out choice for this litter. 
Django is a proven working dog, he routinely performs in 'dangerous dog handling courses' with his owner, dog trainer Steve Austin. As well as being used for narcotics detection, TV work and training seminars. Django has a hard full mouth bite and the drive and determination to work hard. When searching in detection he is dedicated and intense, his strong working abilities have lead to a number of good finds. Outside of work, Django has a safe and stable temperament, social with people, children and other animals. 

This litter will suit a number of different application, suitable for government Dog Units, dog sports and family companions 

Here at Morekos we are very fortunate to have the chance to use this great dog and are looking forward to this much anticipated pairing 

Watch this space for updates and litter progress