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Planned and upcoming Morekos Springer Spaniels litters 

(see other page for German Shepherd litters)

Morekos Springer Spaniel Puppies are bred to make excellent, well adjusted, companions and are suitable for 'Working Roles' in scent detection & flush/retrieve hunting fields. There will be puppies suitable for those interested in field & retrieval trials, obedience, tracking, search/rescue, nose works, agility and similar dog sports.

Morekos dogs are bred to work and those after a sports competitor, police, corrections etc will be given priority due to the need for specific traits, high drive/focus etc. Therefore it may not be possible (or advisable) to pick a 'pet' puppy until temperaments can be assessed.

All breeding dogs are proven in the fields they are advertised for 
If a Morekos litter "Talks the Talk" then the parents have proven they can "Walk the Walk"

All our pups come: Microchiped, vaccinated and vet checked. Started on worming, heartworm, flea & tick prevention. Fitted with an Adaptil collar and provided a puppy pack including: Pedigree, info folder, collar, lead, ID tag, blanket with mothers smell, toys, Adaptil collar and 6 weeks pet insurance

Pups are raised in a clean home environment, exposed to everyday life events are regularly handled including Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), correctly exposed to sounds, sights and tactile environmental conditions appropriate for age specific socialization. We build hunt & prey drives and initiate crate training, sleeping pups individually by 8 weeks of age, preparing them for separation from the litter and building confidence when required to be alone. 

Our next litter

Please contact us to be placed on the waiting list and kept up to date with future litters. Our Pups are generally spoken for well before birth, due to our ethical reputation for breeding sound working dogs. 

Morekos Apple

Rat-G award winner


Wrangham Here I Go Again

Conservation Detection Dog Certified

The anticipated mating is behind schedule, still going ahead just waiting for the mother to be in season

We will not be accepting any "Pet only" applications for this litter. Our current waiting list is full and only government dog units will be given further consideration at this time. We will continue to accept suitable applications for pet homes and those after a sports prospect but there will likely be an 18 month wait for a pup.

ESS Litter -
Sire: Morekos Apple, Detection Dog.
Hips: 2/4
ED: 0/0
DNA screen, clear for all testable diseases, including PRA
Commonly known as Baby Tom, son of Plymvalley Tom (a very accomplished detection dog owned by world renowned dog trainer Steve Austin). Baby Tom is a chip off the old block, being a very determined and enthusiastic detection dog himself. Baby Tom is currently trained on Koala scat, with a passive indication and has been trained on other odours as needed, Koala being his constant. Among many things Baby Tom is a hard working dog of excellent type, with an impressive pedigree including a number of conservation detection dogs, Field Trial Champions and dogs imported from the UK in his pedigree. He is a highly driven and biddable dog, with great stamina and commitment in his work. His general demeanour is sound and he is social in public places towards adults, children, dogs and other animals. Baby Tom was from a very successful litter, proof that the right genetics and up bringing, go a long way, having half his litter mates also working in the field of scent detection.

Dam: Wrangham Here I Go Again, Detection Dog

DNA Testing: 

Cone Rod Dystrophy / Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) CORD1/RCD-4 - CLEAR 

Autosomal Hereditary Recessive Nephropathy - CLEAR

Hereditary Nephropathy - CLEAR

Phosphofructokinase (PFK) Deficiency - CLEAR

Fucosidosis _ CLEAR

Acral Mutilation syndrome - CLEAR

Malignant Hypothermia - CLEAR

Awaiting newly available test results:

Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) & Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

The expected mother to be is a fantastic little work dog, already proving herself in the field as a conservation detection dog. She has also been trained for competition retrieving, practising alongside Baby Tom. Her retrieve is as quick on the way out as it is on return. Obedience is on point and hunt drive is never ending. Although being young (18 months) she still has a cheeky streak (that we like to see). Her pedigree contains ANKC and NZ titled dogs on the mothers side and an all UK bloodline, line bred on  FT Ch.Cowarnecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove, through her sire. This little cracker of a dog is being bred through a lease agreement with her owner and our kennel is very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to tap in to her bloodline for our future.

Watch this space for updates and litter progress

Danny from Morekos A litter (Plymvalley Tom x Tapua Mai Tai) Morekos Apple's brother.